I won’t described how I managed to lose my current WordPress database AND the backup while migrating to a new server. You would think that somebody with 24 years of IT experience would be just a little more careful. But, it happened and now I’m rebuilding. ZenfolioPress itself is fine and I’m testing a new version that adds the ability to display four different sizes of square thumbnails.

I’ll get the user instructions reposted first and then I’ll clean up the rest of the site.

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  1. Ruggero De Pellegrini


    I’m sorry to here you lost the database. Happened to me too with my own stuff, but never lost client data. We might be much too lazy with personal data :).

    Good to here that you’re adding the ability for different sizes. That’s exactly why I came to your site. If you need a beta-tester: I’m ready to lose some data (sorry, I couldn’t help).

    Thank you for this great plugin.

  2. Brian Mayer

    I found you through Zenfolio. I like what you’ve done with ZenfoiloPress. It’s almost what I need, but ironically I think it’s because the plugin is trying to do too much. Perhaps you know of another option.

    So I’m using the Tiled Galleries component of Jetpack. It takes default WP galleries and makes a cool masonry type layout. I use WP jquery lightbox for presentation as it has mobile/swipe compatibility. Those two work well together and get me what I need with one exception — my photos have to live in WP. I’d really like to just pull them from Zenfolio so I can keep my photos all in one place.

    Is there a way for me to use your plugin simply to retrieve the photos and populate a default wordpress gallery?

    1. admin Post author

      I can think of two ways this may be possible:
      1. See if I can populate a page with the correct syntax for the WP gallery to work. I need to look and see how this is handled in wordpress.
      2. Mimic the media library manager and return images from Zenfolio. This wasn’t possible last time I looked, but WordPress has put out a major release with new media capabilities, so I’ll look again and see if it’s possible.

  3. phillbooth

    If you want to send me your “lost” database then I can see if its possible to recover, you also might want to look at google cash to see if any page text can be recovered.

    I personally use “Better WP Security” that sends a copy of the DB to an email address.

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