Version 0.1.6

I woke up to an email from Zenfolio Support describing a problem that somebody had reported with the ZenfolioPress plugin. I was impressed by the friendly tone of the note and the fact the Zenfolio had reached on behalf of one of the customers. The problem took a bit to find, but turned out to be a simple change to a header when passing a request to the Zenfolio API. The fix is up in version 0.1.6. I was in the process of adding an option for square (or almost square) thumbnails that provide a more consistent looking gallery.

Please let me know if anybody bumps into problems and I’ll look into it right away.

Protected Galleries using ZenfolioPress

ZenfolioPress does not currently support the display of galleries or collections that are private or password protected on Zenfolio, but there is an easy way to still provide your clients with protected galleries on your WordPress based site.

First, you will need to create a “hidden” gallery on Zenfolio:

  1. Create a group named “hidden”, “private” or any other name of your choosing. Set the Access Control on this group to private.
  2. Create a new gallery or collection within the private group.
  3. Uncheck the Access Control option for Same as Containing Group.
  4. Select the Access option for Public.
  5. Select the Search and Metadata option to not include photos in any search results
  6. Put your images into this new hidden gallery

Next, you will need to create a password protected page in WorkPress:

  1. Create a new page in WordPress. Set the Visibility on the page to Password Protected.
  2. Put your ZenfolioPress short code on the page and set the id to match your hidden gallery on Zenfolio.
  3. Publish your page

A password will now be required to see the protected page on your WordPress site. Your ZenfolioPress gallery will not be password protected, but putting the gallery under a private group will block the ability to simply browse to the hidden page. A viewer would have to guess the unique id of the page within your Zenfolio site in order to view it, which is not a simple task.

I’ve posted an example gallery here, the password is “hidden”.


I won’t described how I managed to lose my current WordPress database AND the backup while migrating to a new server. You would think that somebody with 24 years of IT experience would be just a little more careful. But, it happened and now I’m rebuilding. ZenfolioPress itself is fine and I’m testing a new version that adds the ability to display four different sizes of square thumbnails.

I’ll get the user instructions reposted first and then I’ll clean up the rest of the site.